Pop Music Drumming

Pop Music Drumming

AUTHOR: Chris Bates

MEDIUM: Drum Set Method Book




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Pop Music Drumming by Chris Bates is a necessary resource for any serious drum set player wanting to study styles such as Rock, Funk, Soul, Country, Hip-Hop and Pop.  Each chapter gives a brief historical overview of the style, which is followed by numerous examples of grooves, fills, and transcriptions. The book also includes nearly 200 downloadable high-quality audio tracks. Pop Music Drumming is a must-have book for your library whether you are a student, teacher, or professional drummer


"Pop Music Drumming by Chris Bates is a tremendous resource for several reasons. First, it offers a comprehensive comparison of various styles, along with detailed depictions of those styles. For the drummer that has mastered the basic techniques of rock and pop drumming, this offers a much deeper look into the various styles that comprise rock and pop drumming, giving the student much greater depth to his/her playing. It would be a valuable resource in the contemporary “Rock School” format of music studios whose combo-based style of teaching would benefit from the excellent examples of the many styles offered in this book. Even experienced drummers who have gotten out of the loop and want a refresher in some current styles would be greatly aided by this book."

-Doug Auwarter, author of Essential Latin Styles For The Drumset


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